Fundamentals are your legs, without them you are stuck

Back in school there were those guys who nicknamed themselves hackers. The could open the command line and type dir and they would be like yeeeeah! At least according to the movies that was a big hack for them. Honestly I did look down upon this kind off guys who were not eager to search more about it until a few months ago when I was caught in the same situation.

A few months ago I decided to start learning and specialize on web development. I had hesitated to start this path because I thought web development was easy and therefore the market wasn’t good. I picked this path simply because I was going to need the skills either in my personal projects or for getting jobs.

Starting this path with the perception that it was simple and little effort was required of me was a big mistake. I chose the Django framework and I actually created a project only to immediately abandon it for a whole week just to go back online and figure out what web programming was. I was so anxious to create the next google or Facebook that I spent less time trying to understand web development.

Web development turned out to be hard than I thought and I felt like I was reaching a dead end. I was almost giving up on my passion. But with the help of some mentors from my current dream company, Andela, I have been able to understand the web development fundamentals and this knowledge has made learning the web technologies easy and fun.

My advice for those stuck like I was, is to always double check whether you understand the fundamentals. This is usually the most important skills and knowledge that you will ever need, so never ever think of skipping this stage.