How to kill creativity

Stay in your lane. Comparison kills creativity

This is how comparison works

Today I was utilizing the Google Custom Search API and a thought run through my mind

Wow what a cool thing am creating right now

“Hell nah, am just using what Larry Page created, am just being lazy.” This is the response my mind has been programmed to answer my thoughts on being creative.

When I launched my Command line app I actually felt like I was using Larry Page’s new product “ Google CLI”. This code turned to be my teacher. It reminded me how we often compare ourselves to the successful ones. We target to be like them and not better than our yesterday's selves. We flag our own ideas just because they seem similar to the existing one, we flag them because they don’t function like Google.

Imagine if Mark abandon Facebook because it was no different to the giant MySpace. What comes in the mind next is that we could still be using the same boring myspace. Trust me, you don’t want that.

Using APIs you can come up with ways to do stuff better than they are done by default and I appreciate all those tech companies that provide public APIs to show the world that more can be done. You should know that by statistics currently companies survive for an average period of 20 years. When google will die, you could be still alive and you don’t wan’t to regret not starting your GoogleVersion2.0 five years back.

Let your code teach you something and learn to stay in your lane till we meet at the terminal. Don’t call those at the terminal to know what is expected there, neither should you borrow lanes on the way for you can be surprised by how many great things are already being exhibited there or the miracles your lane lender is doing may slow you down.

TIA- This Is Andela