My ever growing passion explained

Ever since I introduced myself to programming, I have always felt a positive change in my life. I am this guy who loves challenges and trying new things every time. Being a developer you are in a state where you will never get bored working on the same project for a long period. No matter how best you try to solve a challenge today, there will be a better way to do the same tomorrow. This makes programming more fun and one of those major life path decisions that one never regrets making.

Some time back after getting to know what programming was and who exactly a developer was, I did make a wish as well as setting goals to becoming a great(I happen to have learnt from Andela that it is world class) at a reasonable young age so that I may fulfill my dream of becoming an influential and motivational person through technology.

If you happen to have read one of my past articles HERE you will get to understand that programming is friendly to humans than you thought. When us, developers write programs we actually use a language, yes a language don’t start imagining that there is another definition of language. Just like humans express their emotions and views through human languages, developers are blessed to have an extra type of language to express themselves across borders and seas.

Developers put a lot of effort and passion on making the world a better place for everyone putting aside all the countless possible differences we have. Some are even going past the limits and are aiming at giving the computer a breath of life (I certainly want to be part of this one). This proves and rejuvenates my passion of becoming a world class developer one day. I long to be fully part of the people who believes that teaching others is not something your add to your paycheck but something you add to your daily Trello board as a todo.

TIA- This Is Andela