SB LIV. Who I’m putting a $100 on and why.

I’m not about to throw a bunch of stats at you. I’m not ESPN. I’m not Max Kellerman, I’m not Stephen A Smith. I don’t even get paid to do this (that’s obvious isn’t it). But here’s what I am gonna do- I’m gonna lay out a few worthwhile points suggesting the stars are aligning for the chiefs and the Chiefs will win SB LIV.

1) Coaching experience. Andy Reid is like 150 years old, I’m pretty sure he was coaching in the NFL during WWII. He will pour his blood, sweat and tears into this Super Bowl. It means everything to him and his legacy. He’s already a HOF coach, but an SB win would put him at the top of the top. Nothing speaks louder than championship rings and nobody knows that more than Reid.

2) Chiefs wearing Red tops. I don’t take credit for this info. But it seems pretty important. Apparently the chiefs already have a significant advantage over the Niners based simply off their choice to wear their red uniforms.

3) Show time Mahomes. Remember when the Texans were beating the Chiefs by 24 points and ended up putting up 51 in a blowout playoff win? I do. I wasn’t surprised either. This is classic Mahomes.. born to be great. His dad was an MLB pitcher. Announcers have been comparing him to Brett Favre and Troy Aikman plenty of the all time greats since his first game in the NFL. I don’t care if he sounds like Kermit the Frog. The dude has the it factor and no matter what defense he’s up against, he’s the one I’m backing when the big moment comes.

3.5) 2 of the 49ers 3 losses (Ravens, Seahawks, Falcons) have come against mobile QB’s. 2–2 record, one of those W’s coming against a young, inexperienced Kyler Murray. Sure they beat the Seahawks the 2nd time they played them, but they’re winless in their first when matching up for the first time against the leagues best, dual threat QBs. Mohomes is pretty mobile, I think (Crableg Winston was NOT considered mobile for this extensive, statistical analysis).

4) Mosterts injury last week. SF running back Mostert is a beast and the team relies HEAVILY on him and the run game. Seriously, Jimmie G threw the ball EIGHT times in the Niners win over Green Bay in the NFC Championship. I’ve dislocated my shoulder before (Mostert injury). It sucks. It’s hard to imagine a fully fit, completely fearless Mostert two weeks later, back to 100%. Look I know these guys are phenoms, and I’m hoping Mostert proves me wrong here. But I can’t think he won’t be feeling the effect of that shoulder a little bit, causing Shanahan to rely more on Jimmy G’s arm. And that’s where Mahomes out-quarterbacks Jimmy G. INT’s and QBR are the stat I’m leaning on here (via ESPN).

5) SB Location. Miami. It wasn’t too long ago that Jimmy G was in the headlines for running around with a pornstar. I’m not here to judge Jimmy whatsoever, I respect his personal life. But do we think a guy who runs around with pornstars can handle himself against all the distractions in Miami for two weeks? No way.

6) Vegas. Vegas is always right. Vegas has the Chiefs winning by a point and a half against the Niners in SB LIV.

Chiefs win by a field goal tonight.

That’s all I got fam. I may be right, I’m probably wrong. At the end of the day I just hope both teams have fun and the commercials are funny. Go sports.

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