Tracking activites on Apple Watch

Some of you may know this, but I like to play golf in my spare time. It relaxes me, takes my mind of of things and you burn a lot of calories without getting tired.

Tonight I played 9 holes on our home course with my fiancée. I’ve used my Apple Watch to keep track of my score. There are actually a lot of apps out there that can do the trick. I used Hole19 because it looked like they gave the watch app the most attention. All these apps have digital maps of all golf courses, so that’s not something special, but it is pretty amazing.

Overview of the holes and you score, and the distance to the green.

You actually use the app on you phone, and this is like a second screen to that iPhone app. But a quick look on the screen tells you the distance, and that info can help a lot. You do it more often, you don’t want to get your iPhone out, unlock it, and check there. When you finish the hole you fill in the score and you continue to the next hole. The watch is much more subtle than taking out your iPhone and write down your score.

In the meantime the Apple Watch doesn’t forget to track my activities, and I did very good today. I did my standups, my exercise (apparently walking 7k is enough) and burned the calories required. I even got a few cheers I did good during the day. So thanks Apple Watch for making me feel good about myself :-)

I’m really getting used to getting my messages on my wrist. It’s not as disturbing since I changed the notifications settings. Also I’m getting used to saying: Hey Siri, call my fiancée. It is slowly taking its place in my life.

P.S.: Yes not a great golf score, but in my defence: I didn’t play it safe, and I only play for a year now.

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