I Think I Just Fell In Love With Street Photography

It’s Rejection Therapy With A Camera

No, I don’t want your flyer (Photo by me)
Daddy duties (Photo by me)

I can study people through street photography.

Chinese can hold joss sticks while praying — believing the smoke helps to convey their prayers to their god. (Photo by me)
The origin of the sales pitch (Photo by me)

Catch the moment or it’s gone.

Humans are also more complex than buildings.

In a world where your photos can be instantly exposed to millions of people, I get it.

You will feel the fear, and feel it again and again.

“Excuse me, can I take a photo of you?”

Dread. Fear. Blind Terror.

Just look at how tiny that puppy is (Photo by me)

For a craft that’s so focused on people, street photography is a solitary activity.

Like speaking a unique form of Morse code only street photographers know.

Street photography is rejection therapy.

Maybe as a creative, this is what it means to be proud of your work.

Maybe street photography is secretly rejection therapy masquerading as a camera.

I don’t know why I’m drawn to this walking contradiction of a craft.

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