I’m giving away 100 Free Shopify Stores in 2018!

As a way to give back to small business owners in 2018 I’m giving way 100 Shopify Store Setups for free.

If you’re trying to get your small business online it can be difficult and confusing and you just need something your can manage yourself. I get it.

Shopify is that all in one platform. It’s super simple to use, there are no technical requirements, no hosting accounts to manage. It comes built in with free themes, apps, blog, and SEO optimization.

So what’s the catch? So all Shopify Stores require a monthly plan starting at $29 month. However, you only need to choose a monthly Shopify plan only after you launch your store.

It really is free. No more excuses. Free Shopify Store Setup. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

This is only for businesses that need a new online store or are bringing their brick and mortar store online.

This is limited to the first 100 people that sign up, so do it today.

Already have an online store? Share this link with your friends: https://themefast.com/free-shopify-store/

What to do it yourself? Try out Shopify’s 14 day free trial: https://themefast.com/shopify-free-14-day-trial