Can’t Believe It’s Been 3 Years Since I Started As A Fitness Entrepreneur

I was just doing some online personal training & realized it has been 3 years since I started Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training. I remember when I first started & struggled to build my clientele. I had zero business strategies or knew where to even begin. I purchased a Square to process payments & I did not have a place to work out of. Instead, I met clients at their home, park, or even local track. Workouts were performed with use of the equipment I had invested in at the time: a medicine ball, some resistance bands, a TRX Training Suspension System, & some kettlebells. That was it.

The outdoor elements became an issue at times when it rained or snowed, but my clients were dedicated enough to dress warmly in the winter & water-proof themselves come rainy days. No matter what, I was ready to be creative with them wherever we met.

It was a learning process for sure & I am thankful that since the day I became open to the idea of starting Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training, I accepted all feedback from each client I worked with & each individual I spoke to about my business. I spent hours upon hours reading about how to run a small business, but one of the best things I did as a small business owner was that I listened to my clients.

The other best thing was that my wife stood behind me the entire time. She gave me the real feedback. She told me how amazing I was & she told me how much I sucked at times. Both of which stoked the fire within me to work harder & help more individuals. Hell, there were times we weren’t even sure the business would make it due to the lack of clientele & how little I charge. But, her support is just what I needed. It was the ass-kicking that said even though this job is a passion, it’s still a job & you have to be able to pay the bills & put food on the table. So, I worked harder, read more, listened more, helped others more, & did whatever it took even if that means 4 hours of sleep each night. I was determined to succeed.

To this day, I love what I do & I couldn’t have reached year #3 without every single individual who has been a part of #TeamRWFT. I have no idea how to express my gratitude, but I know that I am extremely thankful for each of you!

If there is ever anything I can do to help you, please do not ever hesitate to reach out. Soon, I will publish an article on what I learned in the last 3 years.

Joshua Reed
Owner, Reed’s Wellness and Fitness Training 
Personal Trainer + Nutrition Coach

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