If I had to pinpoint the emotions I’ve felt most deeply and often as an entrepreneur, those would be the two I would choose — impatience to turn vision into reality faster and help more customers, coupled with gratitude for all of the hard work that our 1,000+ person team puts in every day and for the 100,000+ customers who entrust Gusto to run critical parts of their business.

That mix of emotions was exactly what I felt earlier this month when I woke up to find out I’d been named to Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list. Company building is…

Gusto is scaling and raises Series D

From Day 1, we set out to create a durable and sustainable company, with a focus on serving our customers. Our mission is to create a world where work empowers a better life — for everyone, everywhere. And with over 100,000 customers, we still feel like we’re early in the journey. There are approximately 5.6 million employers in America, and 98% of them are small businesses (with <100 employees). We want to help each one of them.

There have been two ingredients for how we’ve approached scaling:

  1. Our belief from the early days…

Welcoming New Investors to the Gusto Community

At our new San Francisco office in the Dogpatch neighborhood

Our mission at Gusto is to create a world where work empowers a better life — for everyone, everywhere — and this mission has three pillars. These pillars are the impact we aspire to have on our customers — the employers and employees we serve every day.

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Great Place to Work
  3. Personal Prosperity

We are proud to serve over 1% of all employers in America, who we help with mission-critical tasks like payroll, benefits and HR. But, this is a multi-decade mission for us and we are still very early…

Join me! We’re building Gusto for the long term.

Everything we’ve accomplished at Gusto over the past 5+ years has been a team effort, and I am incredibly grateful to the 500+ Gusties I work with every day. We serve over 1% of all employers in America, and we’re just getting started!

In preparation for our continued scaling over the coming years, I’m expanding the CEO team and we have two open positions:

  • Chief of Staff to the CEO — this is a great role for someone who is a senior operator or GM today, has built sizable teams, and aspires to be a CEO someday. They will be…

Gusto Giving Just Passed $1,000,000 in Donations

I’m thrilled to share that over $1,000,000 has been donated through Gusto Giving! Woohoo! 🎉

Gusto Giving is a way for employees who are paid by Gusto to make one-time or recurring donations directly from their paycheck. We partner with FirstGiving to support over 8,000 verified non-profits through the program, and I wrote a Medium post a while ago that shows you how easy it is to set up these donations (really, it takes less than 30 seconds!). Employers can also choose to match the donations their employees make.

A few numbers to…

This article was originally published on Inc. here.

Later this month, I’ll be doing a cross-country road trip to meet small businesses. That’s right, I’ll be driving over 3,000 miles in an RV, coast to coast, to hear from the amazing people Gusto serves — small business owners and employees from all industries, geographies, and walks of life.

Every time I talk with an entrepreneur who had the courage to start their own company, or someone who takes pride in working for a local business, I feel energized. Yet small businesses rarely get the same recognition that Fortune 500 companies…

1/ If you’re using Gusto, your employees can make one-time or recurring donations directly from their paycheck. ==> Setting up employee donation

2/ And as an employer using Gusto, you can set up matching donations to the charities your employees support. ==> Setting Up Employer Matching

3/ We built this feature with our partner FirstGiving because recurring donations make a huge difference for charities. ==> Info on the program

4/ Here’s how easy it is to donate from your paycheck. Log in to Gusto and select a charity from the Giving page.

5/ Then choose one-time or recurring, and how…

America is a Nation of Immigrants

1- I am the son of an immigrant. My mother came to the US from Bolivia when she was 18. She put herself through college, …

2- … she learned a new language, and she created a better life for herself. That’s entrepreneurship, a foundational part of what makes America great.

3- Topics like immigration are not binary. The world is not binary. It’s nuanced. Using a hammer to fix it only creates unnecessary pain.

4- I am appalled by the sweeping actions being taken regarding immigration. …

— Why We Care —

When Tomer, Edward, and I founded Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) in 2011, one of our inspirations was seeing how transactional the existing “back-office” systems were. There are terms like “human capital management” and “Human Resources”. People are NOT capital. They are not resources, and they are not just ID numbers. They are human beings and they deserve to be treated as such. The idea that people are the foundation of every business wasn’t a debate we had. …

Joshua Reeves

Co-Founder and Head of Gusto. Building a company for the long haul. Our mission is to create a world where work empowers a better life. We’re hiring!

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