Making a donation from your paycheck

1/ If you’re using Gusto, your employees can make one-time or recurring donations directly from their paycheck. ==> Setting up employee donation

2/ And as an employer using Gusto, you can set up matching donations to the charities your employees support. ==> Setting Up Employer Matching

3/ We built this feature with our partner FirstGiving because recurring donations make a huge difference for charities. ==> Info on the program

4/ Here’s how easy it is to donate from your paycheck. Log in to Gusto and select a charity from the Giving page.

5/ Then choose one-time or recurring, and how much you want to donate. That’s it.

6/ The donation is automatically processed with each paycheck, your annual donation will be added to your W-2, and your employer can match.

7/ You can donate to thousands of charities using Gusto Giving, including the ACLU, Red Cross, and many more.