IA#8: “Mind and Body”

Inner State of Mind
Humans as Flawed
Overcoming his Limits

Basically what inner state of mind for me would be me listening to music and just think by myself as I imagine or come up different kinds of scenarios that I would like to have and have it to myself because I can also use it as a reference in the future. Humans as flawed for me would be Man is not perfect and we all know that even though there are a lot of people who are friends with you, there will always be those group of people in which we all know are fake to you. Yes, they are your friends but you will never expect that they are trying to spread rumors and stories about you behind your back. Finally the picture regarding the overcoming the limits. As the years come by, there will always be those people who will stay and let you realize that no matter what happens, they got your back and you will surely believe that they are your true friends.

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