IA#9: “Deriving Meaning”

Duyan — Nestor Leynes (1975)

For me, this artwork basically means a mother will really do everything just to make her child feel safe and especially feel loved. She will protect her child no matter what happens. Having a mother with those characteristics will make you feel grateful having her in your life.

All Bunched Up in Boxes — Romina Diaz (2010)

For me, this artwork basically means our current generation or society today. More and more families are experiencing difficulties in life and this is a clear example of one. Even though they are experiencing difficulties, they still manage to survive and love one another.

Ganap — Project Edsa Team (2012)

For me, this artwork basically means that even though our country or earth is experiencing climate change, there is still hope for us to change for the better. One way to express all our ideas is to place it wherein a lot of motorist will see it and the perfect place is to have it in Edsa. The busiest place in Metro Manila.