There are some Major Developments coming soon to Htmlcoin. Also, An Interview with EVP of Educational Technology: Zac Smith.

The On-exchange Swap Of Htmlcoins approaches rapidly; set for late September, or when 75% of all Htmlcoin currently in existence has been deposited. This swap will bring major updates to Htmlcoin code that I shall describe in detail below. These updates will bring dramatic improvements to the blockchain’s functionality.

Firstly of note, I would like to bring attention to the “Real-Time Check-pointing,” feature, number 2. There have been numerous 51% attacks on blockchains in the past, and many were successful. Even Htmlcoin itself suffered a 51% attack last month, which, I believe, is in part a reason why Html is currently trading at only 1 Satoshi on some exchanges. Yes you read correctly, just 1 sat! With Real-time check-pointing, even if a mining cartel or otherwise nefarious actor mounts and attack on the blockchain, it now is resistant to such attacks being able to alter data already written to blocks in the chain’s history: A huge plus for security.

Next, let’s look at the new features 1 and 3, this may be most interesting to miners. HTML will use the Neoscrypt mining algorithm, which is a refinement over the Scrypt mining algorithm, and offers a number of improvements over Scrypt. HTML will be readily GPU minable for a long time to come, and also, have a degree of ASIC resistance. The Enhanced Hash-Rate Compensation essentially reduces large changes to mining reward that could result from miners with a lot of hash power starting to mine, or stopping, which will make profit more consistent for the other miners. For the white paper on Neoscrypt see:

Features 4 and 5 are what have me most excited about these new HTML features. Htmlcoin will integrate Ethereum Virtual Machine functionality making It a fully functioning Smart Contracting Platform! This opens up a nearly limitless amount of possibilities for HTML in the future, from Distributed Applications, to integration within IOT devices, to Distributed Autonomous Organizations. When one considers that many Ethereum miners will look for new coins to mine after Ethereum switches to proof of stake, Htmlcoin starts to look like a good potential candidate.

Feature 8, is also worthy of note, “Account Layer Abstraction.” This means that in the not too far off future, all the possibilities Smart Contracting Platforms offer could be accessible from the Bitcoin blockchain using the Html chain as an intermediary. This is similar to what the Counterparty Blockchain does.

I hope this has helped you see just how big these updates at swap time during the end of September will be! And remember, If enough people deposit their coins to exchanges to reach the 75% threshold, It could be sooner! And now: An interview with Zac Smith, The new Executive Vice President of Educational Technology in the HTML Core Team, who has a Masters Degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance and also is College Faculty at New Mexico State University.

I: Would you tell us a little about your background?

Zac: My background is varied, after serving in the military I earned a degree in legal science and worked as a paralegal and court clerk for a few years. I found it to be miserable work and returned to school, this time to learn welding and machining. I loved the work, hated the hours, hated the weather and hated the travel. So, again I returned to college and earned my BS in Information Communication Technology and began teaching computer science at university while I went to grad school for cyber security.

I: Has your previous work helped spark your interests in Crypto-currency? When was the “Ahh-ha,” moment for you?

Zac: I remember reading an article about bitcoin in Wired Magazine, then, a few months later, the feds busted the ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ and it was bitcoin that aided this course of action. I don’t condone criminal action, but I was amazed that this unknown person had created this revolution in freedom. I am a huge fan of John Nash, the real John and not the Beautiful Mind character, and many believe he may be the creator. I have my own thoughts, which I will not express here; but, again I found it amazing. So, I read the White Paper and began to search for a community that made me feel at home. I found that community with Htmlcoin in late 2014 and have been involved since then.

I: How do you think Crypto-currency will benefit people?

Zac: I am a devoted believer in freedom, and that freedom of expression, freedom of press and personal freedom are fundamental to the survival of our species. Crypto-currencies represent freedom of transaction, and that is critical to business, to personal and community economic development. Crypto-currency allows anyone to regain a little freedom lost, even if it is just freedom to buy something they decide. Freedom in any degree is empowering, and so I feel that crypto-currency is empowerment!

I: What developments are on the road-map for the future?

Zac: This is an action-packed question; 5 years ago many looked at crypto-currency as money! Now, we see it as independence, empowerment and the method of creativity. I don’t have any idea how the blockchain will change our lives, yet everyday I see another company developing a tool or service that seems perfect for our lives. I can say this with all confidence: we have not even touched the surface of how Crypto-currency and the Blockchain will transform the world, and I feel confident that the cure for cancer and so many ails will, one day, be logged, shared, and protected through the forth-coming advancements!

I: We appreciate your work! Is there anything else you can tell us
about what you are working on? Is there anything else we can know now?

Zac: Currently I am researching ways to use smart contracts to conduct security assessments and creative methods to utilize the new technology of Htmlcoin. It’s funny, when I speak to non Crypto-currency people, they say things like, “can I buy a beer with it?” Yes, but image a system that allows organizations to securely verify someone’s identification without having to invade their lives. Sweden wants to put land titles in the blockchain so that they can better control and protect those details. Consider the poor farmer in a third world country where inflation is skyrocketing because of a corrupt government, the blockchain and Crypto-currency takes the power from corruption and places it back with that farmer. I don’t know where my research will take me, but it is exciting!

Well, that was a great interview. I’d like to thank Zac Smith for his time! I plan to write more articles like this in the future, lots more on Crypto-currency to come!

For full disclosure, as a Crypto-currency trader I have taken a position in HTMLcoin and fully expect It’s valuation to increase in the future. This is not Investment Advice, but merely my opinion. @cryptoboater on twitter.