This is the beginning of my journey to financial freedom.

But, first WHO AM I?

I am 24 years old, a specialist in the United States Army. The son of a 32-year veteran of the U.S. Army and 25+ year homemaker. Originally, from a Maryland suburb in a town called Severn, settled within the Anne Arundel County, I have honestly seen very little struggle in my life first hand. However, in my almost quarter century of existence, the atrocities and blessings I have seen taught me the most valuable things in life are one’s “freedom”, family and moral welfare.

Being a recent graduate of an HBCU; Delaware State University this I where I first began to realize no one is truly free. On the surface, you have the “freedom” to choose, however, your choices are rarely your own. In my experiences…You have those who are studying to become a financial pillar of stability for their family and friends i.e. your first generation collegiates studying science, math or tech to include medicine. Then, are those who are seeking a change of environment, moreover, an idealistic reality in which they are able to seek freedom. This group may also be first generation collegiates, yet are looking change the world through the cognitive growth of others. These are the those that study Mass Communications, Education, History, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Law, Art, and Business. [THIS IS THE BRACKET I FALL INTO.]

I studied Mass Communications specifically Public Relations and Advertising. This was my dive within, the psyche of corporate, institutional and political influence among ever changing minds of Americans. These are the 3 major influencers of all most every decision made in America by everyday people. Although, I question; How are you free, if your every decision is hanging in the balance of major conglomerates overt or covert external influence?

How do you escape the influence? What is the only way you can avoid the ever widening trap of corporate, institutional or political enslavement?
The answer to that or at least my answer is FINICAL FREEDOM!

How will I do it?



CHAPTER 2 will be published next week.

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