That’s NOT the argument.
Paul Daniel Ash

And yet, the statististics say that the wealth disparity between blacks and whites becomes non-existent if you account for incidence of single motherhood.

If blacks had the same incidence of single motherhood as whites, there would be no cries about disproportionate wealth or a racist culture.

White people do not give a damn about Indians, Asians, Jews or black people. White people think of all four of those groups as equally different from them and deserving no sympathies. Three out of four of those categories are succeeding. The only ones failing are black people. The only explanation, is a black community culture that perpetuates generation after generation of single motherhood.

So the problem is not white people screwing black people. It is black people screwing black people. Literally.

If you think that black people deserve reparations, then they should seek it from the culprits. The culprits are their fathers who knocked up their moms and then bailed and their moms for not demanding that until the hand has a ring, seed goes anywhere but the womb.

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