When I left ultra-Orthodox Jewish fold, I wasn’t expecting to find Donald Trump
Moshe Schulman

Another story of a Jewish kid who “broke the shackles of his youth” to run into the arms of loving leftists who gave him the heartwarming validation he always sought when he “exposed the evils of religion”.

There are monsters everywhere. No doubt, even in the upper echelon of rabbinical leaders. Those monsters deserve to be exposed, humiliated and punished. Indeed, those who abuse authoritative positions of stature should receive far harsher sentencing. They did not merely abuse children. They abused public trust.

I would never think that any atrocity could or should merit greater disgust and punishment than that perpetrated against a child.

However, the fact that these indescribably evil acts provide fools like Moshe Schulman with fallacious support that the very existence of monsters draped in Judaism validates their rejection of Torah, is a fairly close second.