Dear Medium Editors,

We are tired of “Editors’ Picks” that are as politically diverse as Rachel Maddow and her shadow.

If we scroll down your selections, we will see pieces that “run the gamut” from “How I Got Trump Elected and Why I Hate Myself” to “Religion is Led by Monsters” to “I Wish I was Born Black: A Harsh Look At White Privilege” to “White People Who Voted For Trump are Destroying the Ozone” to “Resist. Trump.”

You are failing at your work.

There are plenty of exceptional Conservative writers. If not one of you can stomach reading any of their work and labeling it “Editors’ Pick”, please trying investing in the diversity that the Left loves to preach about and hire a Conservative. You can call him/her “Righty”, or “Trumpist” or “Token”. We do not care. Just make it happen.


Sixty Million Americans