this nation that is the cradle of racism, a vile pit of white supremacy
Kady M. writes:
Robert D Skeels rdsathene

Few can lay claim to using such felicity of expression in issuing an emphatic declaration that froth leaves the mind devoid of comprehension.

“Cradle of racism"? “Vile pit of white supremacy"? Have the standards at UCLA dropped so low that they no longer require their students to take history, psychology, sociology and logic?

Had you taken history, you would have learned that no country in history has shared the diverse cultures the America has absorbed. Had you taken psych, you would have learned that humans are quite naturally averse to foreign cultures. Had you taken sociology, you would have learned that due to human psychology, blending of cultures in close proximity is a recipe for racist perspective. Had you taken logic, you would have realized that America being at the forefront of creating a legal system outlawing racism in any capacity is indicative that this country bends over backward to fight that tendency.

Even if you have never set foot in college, your comment sets a new bar that the Masters Of Asinine would struggle to meet. Extricate your head from your anal aperture long enough to look around at other cultures where racism is not merely condoned but propagated through law, and you will never issue such a fastuous statement.

Being self-absorbed in your own little corner of the world and the psychological complex that plagues your mind, does not remedy racism. It breeds racism. The problem is not society. The problem is that society has individuals like yourself.

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