What happened when I went for a run in my I’M WITH HER shirt after the election
Elizabeth Licorish

Few things sound as naive as people claiming that the person whom we elect and identify by race or gender has ANY impact on how individual members of society will treat other individuals.

Before elections in 2008, I heard the far left yelling that we will finally prove that racism has been conquered if Obama wins. After that election I heard dozens of times that racism died. It was over. We would never ever have to hear about it again. Good guys won. End of story. Good night. And I thought, if nothing else, at least that is one crazy argument put to bed.

Since that time racial tension has become worse than it has been in decades. MUCH worse! Not even comparable.

Those very same far left liberals who said “Vote for Obama and prove racism is history” are the loudest screamers today about racism.

Believe me that Hillary winning or losing had zero impact on how men would treat women on a 1 to 1 basis. Furthermore, I am positive that just as the whole “Obama presidency signals the end of racism” was a complete and total bullshit scam, so too electing Hillary as CIC would have done abso-nothing to quell the screeching feminists from continually harping that every woman is somehow oppressed.

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