A Short Open Letter To Supporters Of Anti-Trans Bathroom Laws.

First off, I am confident that few people in Medium, no matter their political beliefs, would advocate or defend physical abuse of anybody on the basis their demographic. Indeed, my political beliefs are probably as conservative as anybody that you will likely find on here. Still, I feel as strongly as you do that only a very dark and evil soul would physically harm somebody because that person is transgender. I will further state that causing somebody emotional harm simply because they are trans is incredibly twisted. I am not saying that these incidents do not happen. I am sure they do. I am simply saying that it is unlikely that the neanderthal perpetrators are engaging in discourse about trans rights.

So please stop with the whole “why do you stab me” stuff. In this forum it is nonsense. It is unlikely that anybody here derives pleasure from inflicting upon you physical or emotional harm. Your implication to the contrary comes across as an unfounded sympathy argument; that is a logical fallacy.

There are certain elements that you touch on in your post which provide answers to the questions that you ask. You speculate that people who are anti-trans are frustrated by their inability to have sex with you. That flawed line of reasoning is consistent with the common improper use of the term “homophobe”. The reason people label anti-homosexuals as “homophobe”, rather than “anti-homo”, is that they seek to imply that the only reason one can be against homosexuality is because they are discomforted by facing their own repressed homosexuality. This perspective discounts the reality that most people are naturally disgusted by the notion of a man sticking his bits inside another man. It is very much the same as most people being disgusted by the notion of a man sticking his bits inside his three year old grandson. Yet, nobody is called a “pediophiliophobe” or “incestphobe”. Meaning, nobody claims that people are against pedophilia because they secretly harbor repressed yearnings for pedophilia. The difference is that as of January 2017, fortunately, most of humanity still realizes that pedophilia and incest are revolting. Too many on the Left ignore the fact that many people who oppose the spread of homosexuality are equally revolted by pedophilia, incest, homosexuality and beastility.

Your perspective that “everybody lusts for homosexuality on some level” is a common perspective and it is a significant part of the issue that divides the political landscape. Much as you would likely find it offensive if I assumed that you harbor sexual hunger for small infants or puppies, anti-homosexuals are offended that you assume we hunger for men.

But a deeper outrage comes from feeling that we are legally compelled to cater to your personal beliefs and disregard our own personal beliefs. Compelling a baker to ignore his religious beliefs at the whim of your belief is wrong. That is morphing well beyond “dont hurt us” into the selfish notion that “my beliefs are more important than yours so I can force you to contravene your beliefs so that I feel better about myself”. That attitude spurs backlash.