Only with him though?
Caleb Ramsby

He more than anybody. I guess, I could see an alternate perspective where people say the same about Trump.

The significant distinction is the adulation of the entourage in the Emperor’s tow. By that I mean, I don’t know any huge “Trump believers”. I voted for Donald and I know many others who did. His strongest selling point, however, was always what his biggest accomplishmant to date has been: Defeating Hillary. But we all see his shortcomings and hope that he can overcome them.

That is far different from the type of adulation where people are literally writing worshipful songs and describing “tingling in their legs” as Obama enjoyed. To this day, despite having little on his resume to merit acclaim, Obama believers adore Barack with a reverence that is difficult to comprehend. SNL wrote a farewell song to him. I mean really. A farewell song? That is an entourage, filled with blind love, that nobody has seen since Kennedy.

So when I listen and see the divisiveness that Obama has sown and the promises he broke, I snicker at the fawners like the little boy watching the Emperor’s parade.

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