*big eye roll* Joshua Sanders I think you are missing something here.
Lizette Gonzales

How can you judge me?

You are not a man. You do not know my personal experiences.

How can you judge Trump? You do not know his personal experiences.

Your claim implies that either nobody has a right to opine about anybody else, or; only people who share their demographic can understand.

Few statements seem as childish as alleging that only a person who shares a demographic can undertsand the feelings of people in that demographic. As if we are all defined by our race, gender or creed. That is the source of racial divide, gender divide and religious divide.

Racism is despicable. You are not a racist. Few millenials are racist. However, racism is created by the stereotypical millenial perspective you espoused.

You are the problem. There are many pitbulls out there who lash out only when poked and poked and poked. Your creed walks around poking everybody. Your inability to wake up and realize that, even after your poking induced tens of millions to help put a megalomaniac in the White House, displays a shocking level of self-involvement.

I expect you will block me. That is fine. Still, I will do my utmost to remember your name. Because, one day, when my children ask me how on earth we put Trump in the Oval Office, I will say, Lizette Gonzales and her millions of poking peers demanded it.

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