As a disclaimer let me start off by saying that I believe the Electoral system needs to be…
Sarah Settineri

I concur that the Electoral College could use some updating. I believe that it is absurd that any Democratic candidate could literally be facing potential indictment charges and start with roughly 130 electoral votes.

Between California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington DC, Oregon and Washington, it seems that Democratic candidates need to only focus on finding a hundred and forty votes from the other States. Similarly, Republicans enjoy a jump start of roughly 70 electoral votes between Texas and a handful of Midwestern States that seem to vote red no matter the candidate.

Ironically, the predictability of these States works as a disservice for their respective residents, because candidates gain very little by pandering to those voters.

I wonder if changing our system so that most if not all States divided up their electoral votes as Maine and Nebraska do, we may find that candidates have incentive to address all of our nation’s citizenry.

Just a thought.

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