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I dont think you really read his article carefully. If you had, you would have seen that WaPo article simply confirms his analysis that the media twists statistics by ignoring factors like the percent of violent crimes being committed by blacks. Women comprise more than 50 percent of our population while being shot by police a relatively tiny percentage of the time. Yet, nobody alleges that there is sexism in police shootings because people realize that women are far less likely to be involved in violent crimes. The involvement by young black males in disproportionate numbers of violent crimes is what leads to these figures.

I would love to find statistics about the percentage of times that the police shooter and victim are both black vs the police shooter being white and the victim being black. I would bet that if we account for the the percentage of black officers v. white, the numbers will fairly reflect that a white officer is no more likely to shoot a black man than a black officer. Which would strongly imply that blacks being shot by cops is not at all about race and that this whole movement is a waste.

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