I don’t hate Trump. I am terrified of him. Bring any argument you like, the bottom line is that he is a deeply disordered individual. He enjoys making people suffer. He is unable to accept his part in anything that happens in his life unless it’s a good thing. The good things, he exaggerates. The bad things, he deflects blame.
I don’t hate Trump.

I will take you at your word and try to allay your fears somewhat.

He has spent his life showing that he can be ruthlessly vindictive to individuals who he perceives as having slighted him. That is the measure of a small man, no doubt.

However, and this is key, his vindictiveness has always been aimed at individuals. While Trump has been in the public eye since Shirley Temple sang “Goodship Lollipop”, until he ran for office, nobody in 40 years said “Trump dislikes ________ People”.

You can fill in any group in that blank. “Muslim”, “Black”, “Mexican”, “Jewish” “Gay”.

The notion that he is going to use his position to hurt large groups of people due to his vindictive streak evolved as a political campaign to defeat him.

I think he is capable of being small on a personal level. Even his most frequent target, (which I believe has been women), has ALWAYS been individuals he has interacted with. Never a group as a whole.

It is difficult to understand why Trump’s history would lead any American citizen to feel “Because I am (insert demographic), I am afraid that Trump will cause me harm”.

That is why comparisons to nefarious people like Dahmer, sound like you have been battered by Leftists into developing unfounded fears of the imminent future. There is no Sword Of Damacles hanging over your head. I think there are many people like you who have had unfounded fear drilled into them by MSM. That is a rather cruel abuse of the public, perpetrated by people who know better, yet are trying to seize political advantage by saying “Americans are in danger!”

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