Article I, §2 requires apportionment of the House of Representatives based on the “whole Number of free Persons” and “three fifths of all other Persons.”
I’m hardly a “career student.”
Robert D Skeels rdsathene

It takes great ignorance to miss the fact that the virulently racist South wanted blacks to be recognized as full people, to increase their population registry and attain greater representation in the House of Representatives. The far more race tolerant North responded that blacks were deemed property by the South and thus should not be counted at all in apportioning government representation. They compromised on 3/5. If you were a self-proclaimed warrior for social justice in the 1780s you would have screamed that Congress should count blacks as zero people. Like an uneducated hayseed, you stand here in the 21st century screaming “THE CONSTITUTION IS RACIST BECAUSE IT DOES NOT COUNT BLACKS AS PEOPLE!”

Furthermore, casting aspersions on the morality of 18th century America based on 21st century morality standards, is no less foolish than casting aspersions on the accomplishments of Jesse Owens because his world records have been shattered multiple times. A modicum of insight suggests that we compare people to others of their time.

You deserve a full refund on your tuition.

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