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Just a heads up.

When you randomly raise the topic of my depth by throwing out there “you are not deep,” it sounds about as genuine as when my ex sent me a letter that started with “You are not this super, incredibly sexy guy”.

Which sounds as genuine as somebody who writes 2,000 word posts, childishly claiming they did not read my 200 word response.

And here is the evidence that you did “read my shit”:

Three views. Three reads. One of them had to be yours.

You have no legitimate answers to race issues, that was why you claimed not to read my response asking you to provide an answer. That was precisely my point about the useless rhetoric of “white privilege” screamers at the outset. For the sake of the genuine betterment of the black community, we should both hope that people with reason and wherewithal pay more attention to my suggestions for improvement, than the empty rhetoric proferred by the “white privilege” coalition.

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