I would invite you to research the Irgun Zvai Leumi and other pro-Israel terrorist groups pre-1948…
Ben Yardley

My post was an analysis of which tactics are most likely to be effective when dealing with terrorists while putting an emphasis on the distinctively different mindsets of the terrorist based on historical precedents as to who they tend to be. So your response baffles me.

First of all, Irgun Zevi Leumi were principally composed of Middle Eastern participants rather than Westernized people so they hardly could be categorized as Muslim or “classic Western Judeo-Christian”.

Secondly, I never claimed that either Middle Eastern or the classic Judeo-Christian Westernized peoples are “peaceful”. Indeed, that particular post did not allege that one mindset is any more violent than another.

Thirdly, my post was concerned with how to best deal with violence being perpetrated today. Were the IZL currently engaged in conducting an ongoing series of terrorist acts, then analyzing their mindset would prove more useful. Analysis of which tactics would be most effective against IZL members, when they have not engaged in terrorism in nearly 7 decades, seems academic.

I do not recall asserting that Obama incited violence. I have said many times, although not in that particular post, that Obama was divisive. I think he is one of the 10 (and perhaps top 5) most divisive figures of the last century. (Many would likely say that Trump is top 3 on that list. I would counter that Trump would never have had a prayer of becoming President if Obama were less divisive, so I tack the Trump divisiveness on Obama’s ledger.)

Our country is shattered today and that is because we are reeling in the aftermath of Obama divisiveness.

Being divisive, however, is rather different from inciting violence.

Divisive people drive wedges between others. People who incite violence motivate people with wedges to act on their animus. One loads the bullets the other fires the gun.

Obama spent 8 years making Americans who tolerated each other feel genuine rage with their neighbors. Under his watch, black v white tensions grew exponentially. He constantly painted republicans as selfish, evil people, which filled his followers’ minds with poisonous loathing while developing furious resentment from the Right. Worse yet, Obama unraveled truth from our lexicon, which makes it more difficult than ever to reconcile our differences. So he did not merely pit us against each other, but he singularly ensured that these hostilities would continue years after he rode into the sunset. Absent a (9/11 type) attack from a foreign enemy (G-d forbid), it is difficult to foresee how Americans will ever go back to the levels of mere mild annoyance that we had under GWB. That is the level we have sunk to. Thank you, President Obama.

That is why I have labeled Obama divisive. But no, he never directly incited violence. He just set up parameters which make violence a foreseeable event.