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My two cents is that the level of racial prejudice in American society is negligible. However, few people and VERY few politicians on either side of the aisle give a damn about the poor unless they want their vote. The disregard for the indigent probably impacts blacks more than other minorities. That does not mean that policies which hurt the indigent are racially motivated. It just means that an economic issue is mischaracterized as a racial issue.

If blacks and Asians switched places on the American economic success chart, people would be chanting “Asian Lives Matter!”. If all humans had similar skin complexions and facial features we would have the same crime and social issues, but people would properly chant “Poor Lives Matter”.

That is why this whole black/white division is silly. A tiny minority of KKK types have a specific agenda against blacks. But they are negligible and the division caused by activist movements breeds deeper resentment. Rather than encouraging people to see past skin, they cement the notion that we should ONLY see skin.

(As an aside: Every four years we hear promises from the Left to raise taxes on the rich. The truly poor are not paying taxes. So increasing taxes on the rich is not lowering their taxes below zero. Our deficit is so overwhelming that it is difficult to imagine that even a 10 percent increase in taxes on the “evil 1 percent” would help raise a nickel in benefits for the poor. So promises to tax the rich is empty rhetoric to say “I feel your pain”.)

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