It’s sad to look in the face of such utter common sense and self-knowledge, and realize how many…
Ron Collins

Svetlana Voreskova did an exceptional job summarizing my perspective on discrimination.

Yes, it is patently wrong to treat practicing homosexuals differently than hetrosexuals.

On the opposite side, there is no wrong in a parent saying “I do not want my son sticking his bits in dead people, animals or other men.” A natural outgrowth of that parenting perspective, is to be resentful of a culture that indoctrinates youth with the myth that they may have been “born gay”. That indoctrination comes through formal education, pop culture and a society that says “you are an evil, discriminatory racist, unless you accept that people are born gay”.

Ron’s point about how it is taboo to even have a live discussion about this topic, squarely underscores the degree to which this culture has become embedded in our society.

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