There is no reason to have an “Editor’s Pick” in the first place.
Ed Dunn

That is a fair counterpoint. There is undoubtedly an element of “God Complex” selecting their “Chosen Ones” that is at least implied by establishing the very category “Editors’ Picks”.

It is certainly elitist.

I see both sides of the coin on whether or not it should be classified as contrary to notions of “open forum” or “free speech”. Residing in relative anonymity to the Chosen Ones, does not preclude us from voicing our opinions. It simply means that our soapbox is much shorter and our microphones are set to a far lower volume. It is a distinct disadvantage.

However, the grant of any soapbox/microphone (even a smaller one) means that, at least, an opportunity to be heard exists. That is a very significant thing. Given that opportunity, over time, the public will determine which voices truly merit attention. Unfortunately, a greater hurdle than having a small voice, is that many members of the audience have been programmed to close their ears to an alternate voice.

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