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The definition of “privilege”, like any word, may change over time. However, neither you, nor I, nor any individual have the power to change a word to suit our particular fancy.

You can pretend that “privilege” is such a flexible term, that being gifted with basic human capacities, such as “two functioning legs” is classifiable as “a certain type of privilege.” Similarly, you can glue a horn onto the head of a horse and call it “a certain type of unicorn”. Neither effort seems to serve much purpose that benefits humankind.

Rather than continue to run in circles, that only you, I and Jhagi Bhai seem to have any interest in reading, I will throw down the gauntlet.

I did not start this conversation simply to debate the legitimacy of the term “white privilege”. I started this discussion by stating that I have never heard people who use the term “white privilege” promote any ideas as to better the situation of black people. Seeing as you seem to be staunch promoter of the phrase, do you have any suggestions as to meaningful steps that society can take to make life better for black people, or is your idea of modifying the dictionary the complete extent of your contribution?