Hi Douglas, I know (Been arguing with Ron again).
Jhagi Bhai

These parallels irk me.

On so many levels.

First off, the comparison of denying illegal aliens entry to America to “sending them to gas chambers” falsely implies: i) living in Mexico is a death sentence; ii) it is impossible for people to immigrate to America legally; and iii) we have a moral obligation to accept anybody who wants to enter illegally.

All of those notions are fiction. People have been living in Mexico since the Aztecs. Roughly 1,000,000 people are naturalized into the USA each year. Why is it America’s moral obligation to accept people who display a willingness to break American law the moment they set foot on American soil? Should not the very act alone raise questions as to their fitness to be naturalized?

Illegal aliens are all painted with the brushstroke of Jean Valjean, stealing a loaf of bread to survive. Such that, only a thoroughly heartless asshole would deport an illegal alien.

This perspective raises several questions.

When did the situation in Mexico become so completely dire, that we deign the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens as persecuted refugees seeking assylum from some human or situational warlord, simply by dint of the fact that they chose to slip into the country? Is there some poorly publicized law, that certain Mexicans are to be exterminated by their government if they have 1/4 of “X type” blood flowing through their veins? Did Mexico undergo a massive influx of refugees who threaten the sexual health of Mexican women the way European women face today, that we now have an impetus for modifying our immigration approach? Is there a lethal strain of flu that suddenly struck Mexico requiring its healthy citizens to flee for their lives?

In short, why, in 2017, should we be motivated to annex Mexico as our 51st State?

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