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This is the arguably the most delusional statement I have read on Medium in 2017.

We have had race riots unlike any that we have seen in half a century. One can make a cogent claim that America has greater levels of two-way blind animus than that which existed when Lincoln penned the Gettysburg Address. Every third person is labeled a racist of one sort or another. Islamophobe, “black racist”, “white racist”, homophobe, Nazi, xenophobe, transphobe, anti-Semite, Zionist, sexist, anti-Latino, alt-right, SJW, and feminist are just a few of the labels tossed around haphazardly by and to label people who pit one group against another. All of this falls on Obama’s lap for nurturing the most divisive culture imaginable.

A claim that Obama was good for race relations is no less boggling than a claim that smoking cures cancer.

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