There has always been and likely always will be some sort of racism.

There also has always been bacteria causing diseases.

Those are both facts about bad things in the world and neither is necessarily related to public perception on Prescott. Nor is an article about Moon’s struggles in gaining acceptance 30 years ago indicative that the same attitudes persist in any way in 2016. Indeed, the success of Moon and Cam Newton (who became much less of a running QB and much more successful last year) seems to make it less likely that large segments of the populace still hold fast to antiquated ideas about blacks being intellectually incapable of dissecting defenses.

I firmly believe that if Alex Smith were a rookie leading the Cowboys to 11–2 with his similarly boring “hand it off…hand it off..make an occasionally important throw…hand it off” approach and he lost a game like Dak did on Sunday night, he too would be hearing about Romo in the wings. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?

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