The Polarizing Rhetoric of the Left is Scary
Emma Lindsay

Very well written piece.

And yes…with respect to the Clintons and those missing/dead folks, who can deny that they have motive and opportunity?

The only reason to think they were not responsible for at least one of those deaths is because people think that they are beyond suspicion because “they just wouldn’t do that!”. That sounds like something my grandma would say. I am more jaded. I do not think I would say about any of the 1000 most powerful people in the world (including pre-election Trump) it is IMPOSSIBLE that they would hire out murder. That does not mean we should leap to conclusions purely on opportunity and motive, but…

If it happened once, I would say they got lucky that X died. At two or three times I would say “that is kind of fluky”. At five I would say “a little too weird to be believed.” How many dozens of people who the Clintons wanted gone have gone missing? At what point do the people who say “you’re crazy for suspecting the Clintons would murder” start sounding ridiculously naive? As a side point: Do you not think it is a little weird that Hillary’s campaign manager who knows her as well as anybody labeled her files of crap on Hillary “life insurance”?!?

And flip it on the other side. Next week, if somebody close to Trump announced that he was about to blow the whistle on incredibly shocking info about Trump, Putin and ballot boxes and 2 days later before testifying, that person got mugged and killed or disappeared, how loudly would people be screaming that Trump had him murdered? Would you be one of those people? If you think that MAYBE you would be one of the people who suspect that, then after 33 anti-Clinton people go missing, you have no reason to question why people are suspicious.

I am not saying that the Clinton’s killed all of those people, but I would be surprised if they were not behind several of those weird disappearances.

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