The Unforgivable Blackness of Dak Prescott

Warren Moon had less mobility than Dak and dissected defenses for years while receiving plenty of praise. Well earned praise, but praise all the same. He won a lot less than Dak, too. Where were the racists then?

As a general rule I think QB’S are overrated and generally their overall production reflects the system more than their skill set.

We see examples like Steve Young, Testaverde, Gannon and Kerry Collins who all looked much better in one a new system than they did in other systems. The offensive line and Strength of a running game do so much to make life easier for a QB.

Almost any QB who was ever on an NFL roster and has a running game to prevent linebackers/safeties from dropping back and 6 seconds to throw a ball will succeed. In contrast, if Manning or Brady averaged 2 seconds per dropback to unload the ball before getting hit neither would have been better than Testaverde was in Tampa.

So I don’t think that the lack of love for Dak is based on race. I think people just see him in a relatively easy situation. Even with that pleasant scenario, many have talked of him as a potential MVP candidate which undercuts your charges of racism.

The most significant differences between Moon and Dak is that Moon had to sling the ball successfully a lot to win. Moon had a running game that was a fraction of an Ezekiel, so defenses dropped coverage back a lot more often too. Yet, he still succeeded.

Rather than race being the motivator, I believe that Dak is viewed more like an Alex Smith than a Moon (or to be contemporary a “Brady”). Nice stable QB who hasn’t yet shown an ability (or inability) to carry his team when needed. Romo, has shown the ability to lead “that drive” which is why a loss like Dak had against the Giants leads people to question if Romo would have had better success.

One could even look at the flip side and say that the media’s hunger to find a black QB to praise led them to heap extra praise on Randall Cunningham donning him as “The Ultimate Weapon” well before that praise was warranted. That could lead to a conclusion that there is possibly reverse racism in QB assessment.

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