Politics Have Turned Facebook Into a Steaming Cauldron of Hate
Jessi Hempel

We have seen divisiveness become part of our daily culture for the last 7 years or so.

When the Dems lost Congress, instead of Obama working with the Republicans, he repeatedly branded them. Then when they refused to work with him, he cried “obstructionist obstructionist obstructionist!”

That is not the way politics works. Compromise is the root of effective governance.

Instead of working with people who disagreed with him, Obama fueled divisiveness. So we had had OWS with rich v. poor and BLM with black v. white.

This led to a conservative revolution that put Trump in the White House and now chaos reigns. Millenials have been taught by their leaders that people who disagree with them are evil, racist, Nazis. They have been effectively poisoned. Sadly, it is hard to see how healing will begin before the rift becomes far more explosive.

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