You don’t know which polls?
Will Whisperman

What, pray tell, is the point of making any prediction, if you can be wrong time after time after time and exculpate yourself by saying “margin of error”?

They are swing States. They are always close. That is why they are swing States. How could they have gotten every swing State wrong in 2016, and still be worthy of anybody’s recognition?

By your “margin of error” logic, here is the only weather report you will need for the rest of your life:

I give a 50 percent guarantee of rain tomorrow with a 51% margin of error.

We have no need for pollsters who will “enlighten” us with confident predictions that New York and the West Coast will vote Democrat, Texas will vote Republican, and the rest of the country is in the “margin of error”.

In your heart of hearts, I am confident you agree with me. At least I would say that there is at least an 80 percent chance you agree with me, with an 81 percent margin of error.

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