Am always astonished whenever I hear of Jewish folks, of all people, who seem so eager to demonize…
Mateo D

Yes. Rabin was murdered by a crazed, supposed Jewish right winger. The act was condemned immediately by virtually every other Jewish right winger because Jewish right wingers condemn murder.

It is telling that you had to go back twenty years to come up with an example of a Jewish right winger acting in opposition to his faith. To be fair, there have been a handful of incidents committed by Jews since then which have been equally shameful. But, they are exceedingly rare occurrences.

Perhaps, if Islam’s less bloodthirsty followers were as vocal in their condemnation and outrage over murder by Muslims, as their Jewish counterparts were about murder committed by Jews, we would see people killing in the name of Islam seemingly every twenty years instead of seemingly every twenty minutes.

You made the very point that Cathy Dyer was making.

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