Israeli Authorities Bar Women Reporters From Covering Trump
Michael Tracey

Your factual assertions are woefully flawed. Considering the fact that a reporter’s job is to present facts, the work of Michael Tracey on this piece is shameful.

The segregation of men and women has nothing to do with what you labeled “a wall claimed to have supernatural forces".

First of all, no human believes that the wall itself is supernatural. Rather, many Jews believe that the wall was protected from destruction through the miraculous intervention of G-d. Your assertion that Jews believe the wall to be supernatural is no less folly than a claim that the Twin Towers killed Sadaam Hussein.

Orthodox Jews certainly believe that there is a certain holiness to wall and an appropriate reverence to be afforded. It is also a place where orthodox Jews regularly congregate to pray and their prayer services are always segregated. The concept of reverence, sadly, seems completely foreign to a Western liberal mindset, unless they are speaking of the latest report asserting man-made climate change. However, it is quite natural to understand that there is no need to intermingle genders during worship and rather fastuous to mock the practice.

Finally, this is hardly, an anti-female agenda. Had Hillary won, she assuredly would have been escorted toward the portion of the wall designated for women and the male reporters would have been kept to the men’s side.

There is no sexism here. Nor is there any story, other than the fact that these media outlets who sent female reporters were too oblivious of a tradition that is dozens of centuries old, or that they intentionally tried to manufacture controversy.

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