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Don’t get confused, I’m not insecure about my skin okay? I adore my skin, but the majority of America doesn’t. Also, I never said you deserved discrimination for wearing a kippah. You’re kind of putting words in my mouth/twisting my words. I never said you haven’t lived either, nor am I implying that you should stfu. It’s hard having this conversation knowing you’re literally not understanding anything that I’m saying. Also, affirmative action isn’t racist… Whomever it was that created affirmative action realized there was an issue in the system. Note that I said affirmative action benefits minorities AS WELL AS WOMEN. It is not racist, it’s attempting to correct racism AND/OR discrimination. It isn’t just for us minorities.

You’re jumping through a lot of topics here. Insecurities, affirmative action, the distinction between ability to hide race vs. not being able to hide it and whether or not “check your privilege” means “shut up”. I do not think it is productive for either of us to sort through a dozen issues at a time so I will restrict my responses.

I never try putting words in people’s mouth. If you tell me that people are always judging you as being black, I will respond that it is probably not true, and likely just your perception. If you do not think they are not always judging you based on your skin, great. That is one less issue to be concerned about.

Dude, if I have legs and someone doesn’t, I DO have an advantage over them. If someone has CF, I DO have an advantage. I’m privileged in A CERTAIN WAY. That’s all I’m saying.

“Privileged” and “disadvantaged” are not opposite sides of one coin. Some people being disadvantaged does not make others privileged.

Privilege is defined as: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

If it is something that virtually everybody has, they are not “privileged”. They are simply NOT disadvantaged.

Almost everybody has legs. Two legged people are NOT privileged. They are simply not disadvantaged.

The distinction between labeling white people “privileged” vs. labeling black people “disadvantaged” is significant.

The implication of “privileged” is that white people are guilty, deserve to be punished, and they must be brought down to ensure that they are no longer “privileged” in any way over others. “Disadvantaged” means “some people got screwed”. Changes have to be made so that they are no longer are disadvantaged or at the very least, so that they can reasonably overcome those disadvantages.

Privileged implies “take people down”. “Disadvantaged” implies build people up.

Using our analogy from before, labeling people with two legs “privileged”, implies we should cut off everybody’s legs so we are all equal. I know you do not mean for that to be the result. But reality is, that only at that point, will nobody be privileged. So how else can we ensure that some people are not privileged?

In contrast, labeling people with no legs “disadvantaged” is a call to make all structures wheelchair accessible so that people who cannot walk can overcome that disadvantage.

You can continue inaccurately saying “white privilege” simply because white people are not encumbered in certain ways as black people are (like not being scrutinized when they walk into a department store). But those are basic freedoms that seemingly everybody but black people enjoy. It is not simply white people. Yellow people, red people, pink people. So there are no “privileged people” in that respect. There are only disadvantaged people who do not have precisely the same liberties.

More importantly, whether you realize it or not, you are implicitly saying “take white people down”. That is why “white privilege” claimants will never succeed in helping black people at all. Quite the contrary, the people you will harm most are black people.

I prefer to help black people overcome their disadvantages.

If your agenda is inherently to take a group of people down, your motives are not justice, but revenge. You will fail. If your agenda is to build people up, with good structure and hard work, you will succeed.

I have no fear of “losing power”. How could I be afraid of losing a power that you claim I am unaware I have? I am, however, VERY afraid that well intentioned and intelligent people, such as yourself, have no understanding of the implied agenda that has been drilled into your minds through the divisive mantra “privilege”.

I spent last week proving that “born gay” is a myth. If you want links to those discussions, I can provide it.