Homework for 3/24/16

3 News Story Ideas:

  1. Clarifying our stance on gun rights: In the wake of Wednesday’s convocation speaker, it may be important to clarify what our school teaches about guns and what is permissible on campus.
  2. CFAW press release: A release highlighting the revolutionary approach Liberty takes with CFAW to build a relationship with prospective students and give them an authentic college experience.
  3. Quality Enhancement Program: a press release highlighting the efforts of our university to advance our educational status.

5 Press Releases:

  1. Netflix recently announced their expansion into global markets. According to the press release, their services will be available in 17 different languages. A surprising omission from the list: China.
  2. Save the Children recently announced a new campaign with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo as its spokesperson. According to the release, the campaign will focus on Syrian refugee children. Ronaldo was chosen as spokesperson because of his emotional connection to children of that age.
  3. Apple recently announced that they achieved record profits. According to the press release, the company made $18.4 billion this quarter. They credited their sales team and good margin for making this success possible.
  4. The Center for Disease Control announced that millions of women are at risk for alcohol-exposed pregnancy. According to the release, this is largely because they remain uneducated on when to stop consuming alcohol. The release offered information and urged women to avoid alcohol at all stages of their pregnancy.
  5. Samsung released a story about the Queen of England experiencing their digital classroom. The original release highlights the inspiring work Samsung is doing in England. It also points out the company’s work with the Prince’s Trust, an organization that is helping thousands of youths succeed.