21st Century American Suffrage

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are heading up an effort to challenge the district map in the States.

In many countries the ability to vote is unheard of, or a privilege for certain people at best. In modern day America it’s supposed to be the right or every citizen to take part in the political process. Unfortunately, so many people are prevented from voting to this very day and it only seems to be getting worse. Rampant voter suppression and election tampering is completely undermining our way of life, and the madness has to end!!!

These kinds of things need to be prevented at all costs to protect the sanctity of our democratic process. If the system is rigged, then what is our incentive to support anyone on the ballot? Everyone should get to vote and every vote should count. It’s simple really, or at least it should be. In theory everyone is entitled to vote, but in practice it doesn’t really work out that way. This needs to change, no matter what it takes.

Voter suppression tactics prevent people from choosing who they want to have represent them. There’s no need for this. There is no need to make someone wait for hours on end to cast their vote. There is no need to redistrict in favor of one party over another. There is no need for all the strict voter ID requirements. There’s no need for any of it!

As soon as you turn 18 in America you should automatically be registered to vote if you are a U.S. citizen. Our party affiliation shouldn’t matter either. We should only have to register to vote, not have to declare sides. It’s just another way of limiting our abilities to choose the leaders we want.

I should be able to change my mind at any point up until I actually cast my vote. We should be able to elect who ever we want to have in office, regardless if they’re a Democrat or in the Tea Party or whatever. We need to be able to vote for individuals themselves. Everything is just unnecessarily complicated.

We need to have more people voting, not less! Unfortunately, the powers that be will do everything possible to stop this. So, we cannot allow these elitist bastards to succeed. Do everything you can to get out the vote. Make sure everyone you know is registered and make sure they know exactly where to go when the time comes. We cannot let the establishment keep our country from us. Everyone must participate, so we need to make damn sure that they can. We have to make our voices heard, by making our votes count.

The whole point of our representative democracy is for us to be able to pick the people we want to have represent us. When our choices are limited in any way then so is our ability to do this. They are not supposed to determine the outcome of our elections. We are meant to do that.

We need to restore order. The only way this nation is going to work is if we let it. The system is rigged, so we have to fix it!!!

It should be getting easier and easier for people to vote in America not harder and harder, but such is not the case. That’s why we need to enact laws that that will get everyone out to the polls and make their votes count. We also need to instill inclusive cosmopolitan and egalitarian values to achieve true democracy and end the gerrymandering and the excessive requirements and the election tampering and all the nonsense that comes with it.

America needs to change, this is a bipartisan problem that effects everyone! Simply put, it’s about the basic rights of people that live together!! It’s about fairness!!!