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A Mystical Tale of Jesus the Anointed One

About two millennia and two decades ago, an olive-skinned peasant boy was born to Mary of Nazareth and the saintly Joseph of Bethlehem. They lived in a two story house with a courtyard, where Jesus even had his very own bedroom. More importantly, he grew up as a Galilean Jew who firmly believed in the God of the prophet Moses. The Israelites of the Ancient Near East even taught him about the faith of Abraham and a coming Messiah who would save their people. As was to be expected, when the time came for the bar mitzvah ceremony of Jesus of Nazareth, his parents took him to Jerusalem. This was the time honored custom of every ancient Israelite of Jewish faith whether they were from Upper or Lower Galilee. However, while in the sacred city the young man ended up getting lost from his parents after some time. It was all so confusing that they had to search for their son for days before catching up with him again. When they finally found Jesus, Joseph and Mary were surprised to find him engaged in deep philosophical discussion with some rather prominent rabbis and official law makers. Even at that age he was already quite a competent thinker in his own right. So, of course, by his mid twenties Jesus was having intense peak experiences above and beyond most any other prophet of God in the whole of human history.

In the second decade of the first century, Jesus became a highly devout disciple of the eccentric ascetic prophet John the Baptist. Then, after being baptized Jesus began to wander the desert preaching his word. John and other pious people like the Essenes tremendously impacted on what Jesus came to believe, so when he learned of the Baptist’s beheading he was absolutely devastated. This is when Jesus first formed the teachings of the Gospels. He then began his ministries in Galilee, building up a rather large following in just a couple years time. He traveled with the Apostles like his lover Mary and many other radical seekers. Jesus soon became a renowned healer who took shamanism and monotheism to a whole new level, even bringing the sick back from their deathbed on occasion. Then, one day Jesus took Peter, James, and John atop a special mountain to pray. There in that moment Jesus underwent the transfiguration of Christ and His spiritual radiance began to shine with such illuminated brightness that the Anointed One was then visited by the souls of Moses and Elijah.

Ultimately, Jesus had first truly found God in the Jordan River, then later God found Christ on Mount Tabor. This was all the more important because during the life of Jesus Christ the Jews only had one synagogue in the whole entire world. After all, Abraham praised but one God alone so it was thought that anything more than one place of worship would have been sacrilege. In this way, Jerusalem served as the single sacred site for the ancient Israelites who carried on the teachings of Moses. Near the end of His life, Christ went to Jerusalem for Passover like He had done so many times before. The only difference was that this time the Anointed One simply could not and would not contain His outrage at people’s blatant disrespect for and disregard of the Supreme Being. There, He finally turned over the tables of the money changers and expelled all the merchants from the holy building, not wanting it to be a den of thieves but a genuine house of worship instead.

In the end, Jesus Christ declared Himself to be the manifestation of God on Earth. He became the self-proclaimed Son of the Father and King of the Jews, but was quickly arrested as a result of those kinds of assertions. Jesus Christ was taken to the Jewish High Priest and was thereby condemned for blasphemy. The Jews wanted Christ to be put to death for what He had done, but everyone was under Roman rule so He was turned over to Pontius Pilate. Ultimately, Christ’s insurrection in collusion with Judas led to the crucifixion. The Redeemer had continuously challenged the political authority of the Roman Empire and one day it all finally caught up with Him, just as He — both Father and Son, had planned. So, in His greatest act as an ancient and powerful miracle worker, the holiest of all medicine men sacrificed Himself for the salvation of humanity, through a gruesome act of public execution. Jesus Christ then atoned for the sins of mankind which were first realized by the original prophet Adam. In this way, the Anointed One graciously built a path to Heaven for any and all who would accept and embrace the Lord.

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