Sorry for the late reply.
Raúl De Zamacona

Alright. OK. OK. Now I see where we have had our disagreements in the past and why. Indeed, everything Varg says is valid. However, there are two directions the world can take on the cusp we are at. So, if anarchy ensues from impending apocalypse then by all means the Mad Max kind of future that would result would give rise to viable forms of tribalism. However, in the increasingly overpopulated world that we inhabit, we need a direct democracy, with full voter participation. The single tribe of Homo sapiens that this would produce would lead to Star Trek. The representative democracy we currently have is the problem. You may not agree with me, but that is where I stand on the issue of ‘puppet-making’. I want the same things that you do, but only in one of the possible outcomes. I am ready and waiting for either future to unfold.

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