Are there too many people on Earth?

For the world to be overpopulated that would mean that there aren’t enough resources to sustain everyone. However, in 1800 when we reached the first billion people we had more than enough food to eat and land to live off of. This was true in 2000 when we had more than six times that amount. It will even be true when we reach peak population in 2100.

Currently there are seven billion people on the planet and for every two people that die four more are born to replace them, so our population continues to grow. However, this trend will change and, believe it or not, the global population is going to stabilize very soon. By the start of the 22nd century, there will be 11 billion people on the planet, but for every two people that die two will be born.

In other words, in about eight decades, humanity will have fully colonized the Earth, achieving peak population. Of course, even then we won’t have a population problem. Humans have trouble with resource distribution, not overpopulation. There will never be too many people.