Ceora, Anna, and Marleana

The Maternal Strength I Draw Upon

This is my mother and father with my great grandmother in the mid 70's.

As far back as I can remember, my great grandmother Ceora was always my favorite person in the whole wide world. Don’t get me wrong, my mom was quite involved in nearly everything I did growing up and I love her dearly. There was just something magical about my great grandmother. From a very young age I began affectionately calling her “Grandma Ceo” and spent a lot of time playing tons of games with her. I adored my great grandmother tremendously in life and my fondness has only increased as time has gone on.

Ceora more as I remember her.

All three of my maternal ancestors mean the world to me to this very day. I attribute much of what I am to Ceora, Anna, and Marleana. The values that they instilled in me for years have made me into a fine-upstanding gentleman, at least when I actually remember to listen to what they taught me. I do all the right things like assisting the elderly, but it’s more than that. It’s the little things like gardening and canning vegetables together and all that came with it that meant so much to me as a kid growing up. The love was unconditional!

Me with my grandmother in the early 80's.

Although I’ve made a number of choices in my life, many of the better decisions were made by them through me. Ceora, Anna, and Marleana are archetypal to me in many ways, because of this. They represent standards and ideals that determine how I treat everyone and what I think about women in general. Since the men were absent or useless as I was growing up, and divorce or something else led to whatever, these three women were always there for me.

My mother and I in 2010.

Of them, my mother is my true rock, and the only one still alive today. She is the real strength in my life. Without her I would have nothing. Marleana is the very foundation of all that I do, because she gave me life and gave that life meaning. She will forever be the most important person to me and a reminder of the kind of things that I should strive for to be a better person.

A great many blessings to all of the women of the world, especially her!!!

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