How to Fight Against Capitalist Corruption and Corporate Collusion

The legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the government are kept separate to avoid the consolidation of power. This is a very good thing. If the same person makes the laws, and holds people accountable for them, then everyone else is powerless. This is why the public sector needs to be diversified, across numerous levels of government. More importantly, the private sector needs to be kept separate from the public sector. However, as an American, I live in a world where these overlap in very significant and unfortunate ways.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s completely fine, and totally necessary, for governments to collaborate with companies to solve problems regarding things like public safety. However, it is not OK for companies and countries to join in collusion with one another to serve their own special interests. When a company creates and/or exacerbates environmental damage, and then conspires with the government to cover up or legitimize the harm they are causing, then they should be prosecuted not praised. Why do we reward those deserving of punishment? Sadly it’s all about the bottom line.

This kind of practice is encouraged in the world of business and in politics. In fact, there is a corrupt iron triangle for every industry. Weapons manufacturers are far from the only bad guys in the world. The American Deep State perpetuates conflict to guarantee that bombs and tanks get built, but there are so many other profiteers doing their own dastardly deeds. Big Pharma is totally corrupt, so institutions like Purdue University are encouraged to profit from the production of highly addictive narcotics. Big Agro poisons our food with dangerous chemicals because Monsanto’s bottom line is more important than the health and well-being of citizens. Big Agro may even be implicated in the rise of autism.

The government has become powerless in America, as well as many other countries across the globe. Unbridled capitalism is destroying nations worldwide. This is an international crisis. Consider what Bayer recently did. The company produced a kind of medicine that was contaminated with HIV, so the product was eventually recalled in the US after families were wiped out. The problem is, the product was then sold in South America and Asia, but not one person at Bayer was ever convicted of any crime. This doesn’t sit well with me. In knowing what they were doing, the people involved in this scandal should all be put on trial for their horrific crimes against humanity. This kind of thing is completely unacceptable. On top of that, why is it that things like trade agreements have a bearing on whether or not countries assist each other in establishing and protecting human rights? Diplomatic relations should not be considered more significant than individual dignity. We need mass boycotting and striking to protest of all of this.

The way I see it, as lifeless beings who have been granted personhood by the Supreme Court, corporations exist as a kind of vampire in the modern world. So, it is our duty to slay these unnatural beasts. Think about it, companies drain the humanity out of people, transforming them into monsters in the white collar world or robbing them of their lives in the blue collar world. Just look at what Exxon Mobil has done to Rex Tillerson. President Trump is one of these vile plutocratic elitist ghouls, but even he takes orders from a wicked overlord, his campaign benefactor Robert Mercer. It’s all so despicable. The whole thing is completely rigged to benefit these wealthy bastards by consolidating power in their hands alone, thereby establishing an oligarchy. This is exactly why the capitalist crony cabinet and our corporate sponsored Congress needs to be replaced.

The thing is that, everything is so deeply entrenched in this awful systemic quagmire, and representative democracy tends to be a very slow going process, so there needs to be a highly effective counter strategy to defeat the billionaire tyrants. Industries will not agree to any increased regulation, but this is exactly what is needed. Consumer protections should take precedent in everything. ‘Profits over people’ is an inhumane business model that has no place in the public sector. Americans need a government in conflict, not in cahoots with big business. Anything else just undermines the common good.

In the current model, lobbyist write laws, politicians are bought off, and corruption is standard. The public is presently subdued by media controlled propaganda. In reality, Americans are governed by a corporate duopoly. The bipartisan divide is simply an illusion. It’s just the smoke and mirrors of the Republicrats who are all conspiring against us. Corruption is not only legal, it’s standard practice in Washington. Lobbyist fundraisers give huge sums of money to Congressional regulators who then pass laws on their behalf, giving unfair advantages to special interest groups. This is all part of a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. It’s all part of the underlying problem based mainly on iron triangles. Without sweeping systemic reform, the revolving doors will never stop spinning and the dark money will never stop flowing.

In an effort to help counteract this, the American Anti-Corruption Act would make it so that a member of Congress could no longer be bought off. As an example, a woman on the Senate Banking Committee would not be allowed to receive donations from a banking lobbyist. This practice is highly unethical, so it needs to be banned. This is where a new like law like this would help out. Ultimately, we need to be able to elect clean money populist candidates, so there needs to be transparency in order for that to happen. In other words, the American Anti-Corruption Act would see to it that Russ Feingold and others like him get elected, like they should.

The Citizens United ruling needs to be dealt with head on, but a Constitutional Amendment to overturn it will only solve part of the problem. This is where the act comes in. Extortion, bribery, and conflict of interest should not be legal. The problem is that Congress will never pass a law in favor of this, at least under the current kind of administration. So, to bypass this, through direct democracy, we can use ballot initiatives in thousands and thousands of different places across the country. The process involves gathering signatures and putting the act up for vote. It was written by brilliant scholars and proves to be an exceptional law, so it should be relatively easy to achieve this.

Therefore, if you have ballot initiatives available in your area, please, work together with your community to pass locally tailored acts, to prevent corruption. Citywide initiatives and movements will help build momentum toward national victory. State acts will also help to clean up corruption, along the way. In time, special interests will gradually even cease to influence the outcomes of our elections. Eventually, more and more state and federal candidates will be genuinely put into power by the people that they represent. Citizens will once again be the constituents of their politicians and companies will no longer control everything.

To help with this, join the movement: Represent.Us.

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