Moving from a Type 0 to a Type 1 Civilization

(Nationalism → Globalism)

We live in a world of increasing global ecology and an international economy but the planet is still politically divided up into separate countries, that only have local governing bodies. Unfortunately, this nationalism doesn’t work in the emerging social order. Furthermore, we can’t move backwards and deglobalize the economy. Instead, we must move forward toward the politics of a type 1 civilization.

Nationalism is a retrograde vision of the world that compels governments to retreat into the past. So, we need a radical paradigm shift to occur, if we are going to move into the future. Ultimately, the people of Earth need to implement a planetary government.

Patriotism is too divisive. We need to be loyal to our species and our planet, not just our nations. It is essential that humanity vigorously support the commonalities of everyone. It is illogical to separate us by territories.

As inhabitants of space and cyberspace, who will soon be colonizing other planets, we are becoming more and more interconnected to everyone else in new ways. Technology is democratizing everything and we need to move forward with it.

To this very day, countries are still focused on their conservative visions of a utopic ideal. America is looking back decades, Russia a century, Israel two millennia. Instead of clinging to outdated ideals, everyone needs to focus on what we think will happen in 2100 CE, not on what they think happened in 2100 BCE, or whenever they think life was great.

The problems that humanity now faces are not national scale issues but rather international scale concerns. We are currently going through the sixth great mass extinction of life on Earth as a result of man-made climate change. Plus, people around the world contend with homelessness and joblessness. We need a global revolution.

There needs to be widespread regulation of things that we aren’t really thinking about yet too. Genetically modified organisms should be banned until much further research can be conducted. No food, no fetuses, nothing outside of the lab for much time to come.

Our rapidly industrializing world also faces the problem of mass automation. The bulk of the jobs in the world will soon be done entirely by robots. In the blink-of-an-eye this will be everyone’s everyday concern.

If genetically modified people are not regulated globally then we risk the possibility of dramatically altering the course of human evolution. The problem concerns everyone.

Think about this. Any country that has a sex slave component to their black market puts every country at the risk of people being abducted and sold into the underground. College girls on vacation need to not only feel safe anywhere, but to truly be safe everywhere.

Getting past nationalism is going to be difficult, but it must be done. We have to dismantle the theocratic and plutocratic kinds of things that make countries horrible. Countries need more forward-thinking governments like Costa Rica and Bhutan, not Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The leaders of the world need to come together to write an International Constitution. Then the new government will have lots of new rules to enforce too, but we desperately need full transparency and accountability to attain type 1 status. In times of crisis the whole world needs to come to the aid of those in need, as well. This is critical.

Refugees, nuclear weapons, and dictatorships are all global problems, so we need a global government to solve them. The League of Nations couldn’t prevent World War II and I’m not sure that the United Nations will prevent World War III from happening either. Humanity can’t afford to wait around until the next big conflict necessitates the replacement of the UN. We need international leadership. We need a global government!

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